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Enunciation /?t?nd?/

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Dry, flammable product, instance wood or documents, employed for burning a fire.

  • ‘he lit they with a tinder’
  • ‘The teen pyromaniacs attempted different sources of fuel, differing types of oils (some really pungent) and essential oils, moss, dry rotten material and home-baked tinder using a cotton handkerchief.’
  • ‘in the same manner as a magnification device . can be employed in vibrant sunshine to create flames to dry tinder, seem strength might end up being centered and regularly promote temperature to the point from which the muscle will die.’
  • ‘In woodland that by nature lose casually and regularly, putting out every flames can get out of tinder to produce and supply a lot deeper conflagration.’
  • ‘So, for paradise’s reason, cannot incorporate tinder within the fire.’
  • ‘Finally certain teenagers moved in and going tossing some tinder and sticks when you look at the flame.’
  • ‘Because associated with dried up tinder inside, firefighters must read to be sure the fire hadn’t received by way of some other floorboards.’
  • ‘He flushed the waterfowl adeptly making a fire with a package of tinder and a collection of dry sticks to the flat-top of an exposed boulder enclosed into ground.’
  • ‘Place two handfuls of tinder in the heart of the fire group.’
  • ‘Pine needles tremendously add to the flammable area top forest, creating ideal tinder for fast key.’
  • ‘the guy obtained out his or her tinder and after several second a merry flame is burning up.’
  • ‘He did not have any flint or tinder, but he or she collected material and used his own secrets to light a flame.’
  • ‘Often, the tundra is like tinder and a poorly tended flame can created mayhem with pasture for musk-ox, white tail and reindeer.’
  • ‘The tinder is there for resistance to capture fire across British culture.’
  • ‘His technique of fictional character advancement is comprised of striking his or her two leads together attempting to raise sparks; alas, the program produces no comedic tinder to be ignited.’
  • ‘out of this smallest piece of tinder the conflagration arose: word disperse that hookupdates.net/cs/pripojeni the cartridges are element of a broader British plot to alter the complete subcontinent to Christianity.’
  • ‘The combination of a naturally arid location, several years of drought and bad planning is actually demonstrating to be dry tinder in a combustible surroundings.’
  • ‘The warmed, heady university monde produces tinder for intense debates by which above mere national politics reaches share.’
  • ‘Political tinder is actually spread throughout the scenery, but who may affect the complement?’
  • ‘The pea stalks, dry out as tinder, noticed immediately and burned off merrily, delivering a plume of really clean white tobacco smoke doing hook the air.’
  • ‘The image of idea suggestions of super, on the lookout for tinder, eventually blazing into all of our mind.’


Old English tynder, tyndre, of Germanic beginnings; about Dutch tonder and German Zunder. (more…)