Supply vs Craigslist: Which Is Way Better for Attempting To Sell Affairs?

Supply vs Craigslist: Which Is Way Better for Attempting To Sell Affairs?

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Is actually Craiglist nevertheless a legitimate marketplace, or is OfferUp an improved choice?

Try OfferUp Better Than Craigslist for Selling Things?

OfferUp are a totally free smartphone app that enables one to offer items locally from your own home, much like Craigslist. Issue is whether a person is better than the other.

I have made use of Craigslist for quite some time, selling refinished home furniture and various other affairs from around the home. I’ve additionally used OfferUp many hours as a seller.

Below are a few with the pluses and minuses of promoting situations on both platforms:

OfferUp homepage

Attempting to sell Things On OfferUp Against Craigslist

Is generally considerably making use of OfferUp as a seller isn’t being required to openly disclose their term, mail, or number within offer. Marketing purchases and correspondence together with the consumer is performed anonymously, similar to fulfilling some one on a dating app.

On Craigslist, possible exclude personal information from the post also, letting the client just to reply to the post alone, that’s accomplished anonymously via mail, but this technique are outdated by today’s standards, and in my skills, I offer affairs a lot faster on that website whenever I incorporate an unknown number in the advertising. A significant consumer will more often than not call me, about that has been my enjoy selling factors through the years.

The biggest problem with posting a Craigslist offer with your contact number was spiders collect the number therefore have telemarketing calls. (more…)