15+ Anime Characters Who Are Straight Up Otaku’s & Weebs

15+ Anime Characters Who Are Straight Up Otaku’s & Weebs

Otaku’s and weebs are typical in anime . And therefore’s no surprise. It represents Japanese heritage.

But it’s never as usual as tropes like Tsundere because you don’t discover Otaku’s in almost every anime each and every season.

Unlike the nature dere’s of this market.

  • Players
  • Otaku’s
  • Weebs
  • Anime enthusiasts
  • Figurine lovers

These re the categories of characters you may expect in this article. And a mix of each.

Let’s get started.

1. Kaho Hinata (Mix S)

Kaho Hinata is amongst the biggest waitresses inside mix S collection.

Contained in this anime , each waitress plays a role with regards to their consumers. So it’s maybe not a regular cafe.

Kaho Hinata’s character is the fact that of a Tsundere who plays video gaming. She even support the lady consumers should they happen to be gamers.

In actual life outside the cafe though, Kaho is actually the best gamer and Otaku. And she’s not uncomfortable from it possibly.

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2. Junichirou Kagami (Denpa Kyoushi)

Junichirou Kagami may be the biggest character of Denpa Kyoushi. Or perhaps in English: The Ultimate Otaku Instructor.

He’s an Otaku whom turns out to be a teacher and ends up with a training style extracted from video games.

He makes use of games as records and metaphors in order to make information and also to help his students relate. (more…)